FastCRC Library API


unsigned long SL_FCRCCALL SL_FCRC32_CalculateStr( const char* pSrc );

Return value

The checksum.



    [in] Pointer to the null-terminated string for which to calculate the checksum.


Calculates the checksum for the null-terminated string pointed by pSrc.

Note. The call SL_FCRC32_CalculateStr( pSrc );

            is equivalent to the call SL_FCRC32_Calculate( pSrc, strlen( pSrc ) );


#include <FastCRC.h>

int main()
    char string[] = "Test String";
    unsigned long checksum;
    char checksumhex[ SLC_FCRC_MAXHEXSIZE ]; /*0 terminated*/

    /*****Calculate the checksum********************************/

    checksum = SL_FCRC32_CalculateStr( string );

    /*****Get the hexadecimal representation of the checksum****/

    SL_FCRC_ConvertToHex32( checksumhex, checksum, 0 );

    /*****Use the checksum**************************************/

    return 0;



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See Also    SL_FCRC32_Calculate, SL_FCRC32_CalculateFile, SL_FCRC_ConvertToHex32



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