FastCRC Library API


void SL_FCRCCALL SL_FCRC_ConvertToHex16( char* pDest, unsigned long nCRC, int bUpper );



    [out] A pointer to the text buffer that retrieves the result.


    [in] A number to convert. 


    [in] Uppercase flag. If bUpper is 0, the result represents a lowercase string, otherwise it represents an uppercase string.


Converts the first 16 bits of the number specified by nCRC into hexadecimal representation. The result is retrieved in the text buffer pointed by pDest.

Note. Before calling SL_FCRC_ConvertToHex16 function, allocate at least SLC_FCRC_MAXHEXSIZE bytes (9 bytes) for the text buffer pointed by pDest.


See the example for SL_FCRC16_CalculateStr.

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See Also    SL_FCRC_ConvertToHex32



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