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FastCRC Library  

FastCRC Library Overview


FastCRC Library implements the most popular checksum algorithms. It allows Windows developers to perform in their applications checksum calculations for memory blocks, strings, blobs, streaming data and single files.

FastCRC Library was designed to be fast, flexible and extremely easy to use.


FastCRC Library supports:

FastCRC Library has 3 interfaces:

  • FastCRC API ( The FastCRC API can be used as is, or it can be used to create wrappers for other languages that can use DLLs )

  • C++ Interface ( Wrapper classes to FastCRC API )

  • FastCRC Type Library ( Includes all declarations for accessing the FastCRC Library from different programming languages which have the possibility to reference a Type Library, such as VB 5.0, VB 6.0, VBA, etc. )

FastCRC Library supports:

  • Static Linking - When you perform static linking to FastCRC Library, the library code is included in your executable file the same way C functions are linked when you use a standard C library.

  • Dynamic Linking - When you perform dynamic linking to  FastCRC Library, the library code  is loaded at run time from FastCRC.dll, and this DLL can be shared by multiple applications. 


FastCRC Library has no external dependencies such as MFC DLLs, COM/DCOM or other resources.


Note. The trial version of FastCRC Library will cause a 10 seconds delay when running any application that uses it. To remove this delay you have to register the FastCRC Library.


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