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CRC16C API Overview

CRC16C API assists you in generating CRC16C checksums.

CRC16C checksums can be generated in two modes: accumulative and non-accumulative.

The accumulative mode is applied when the data for which the checksum is calculated (data) represents one or more continuous memory block(s) or when the data is created at runtime in many steps (for instance, when reading a file).

Non-accumulative mode can be applied when the data represents only one continuous memory block.

Note. When the data represents just one continuous memory block, both methods can be applied.


To generate the checksum in the accumulative mode, perform the following:


To generate the checksum in the non-accumulative mode, perform the following:

#include <QuickHash.h>


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Samples   CRC16C checksum generation for a file

               CRC16C checksum generation for a string



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