QuickHash Library API


void SL_HASHCALL SL_MD2_Calculate( void* pDest, const void* pSrc, unsigned int nSrcLength );



    [out] Pointer to the memory buffer that will receive the message digest.


    [in] Pointer to the continuous memory block for which to calculate the message digest.


    [in] Length in bytes of the memory block. 


Calculates the message digest for the memory block pointed by pSrc. The digest is retrieved in the memory buffer pointed by pDest. The size of the memory buffer pointed by pDest must be at least SLC_MD2_DIGESTSIZE bytes. 


#include <string.h>
#include <QuickHash.h>

int main()
    char string[] = "Test String";
    unsigned char digest[ SLC_MD2_DIGESTSIZE ];

    /*****Calculate the digest********************************/

    SL_MD2_Calculate( digest, string, strlen( string ) );

    /*****Use the digest**************************************/

    return 0;



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