QuickHash Library API


void SL_HASHCALL SL_MD2_UpdateStr( void* pContext, const char* pSrc );



    [in/out] Pointer to the context.


    [in] Pointer to the null-terminated string with which to update the context.


Updates the context pointed by pContext with the null-terminated string pointed by pSrc. Call this function for each null-terminated string for which the message digest is calculated. To retrieve the digest after using SL_MD2_UpdateStr, call SL_MD2_Final or SL_MD2_FinalHex.

Note. The call SL_MD2_UpdateStr( pContext, pSrc );

            is equivalent to the call SL_MD2_Update( pContext, pSrc, strlen( pSrc ) );


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See Also    SL_MD2_Update, SL_MD2_Final, SL_MD2_FinalHex, SL_MD2_Init



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