QuickHash Library API


void SL_HASHCALL SL_RIPEMD128_Final( void* pContext, void* pDest );



    [in/out] Pointer to the context.


    [out] Pointer to the memory buffer that will receive the message digest.


Call this function to retrieve the message digest from the context pointed by pContext. The digest is retrieved in the memory buffer pointed by pDest. The size of the memory buffer pointed by pDest must be at least SLC_RIPEMD128_DIGESTSIZE bytes.

After the SL_RIPEMD128_Final function is performed, the context is initialized for new calculations, as it would be called SL_RIPEMD128_Init again.


#include <stdio.h>
#include <QuickHash.h>

#define BUFF_SIZE  1024

int main()
    FILE* file;
    unsigned char buff[ BUFF_SIZE ];
    unsigned char context[ SLC_RIPEMD128_CONTEXTSIZE ];
    unsigned char digest[ SLC_RIPEMD128_DIGESTSIZE ];

    file = fopen( "c:\\test.txt", "rb" );

    if( file == NULL )
        return 1;

    /*****Initialize the context before calling Update, Final, or FinalHex****/

    SL_RIPEMD128_Init( context );

    /*****Calculate the digest by calling Update for each block of the file***/

    while( !feof( file ) )
        unsigned int nCount = fread( buff, sizeof( char ), BUFF_SIZE, file );
        SL_RIPEMD128_Update( context, buff, nCount );

    /*****Do final changes and get the digest*********************************/

    SL_RIPEMD128_Final( context, digest );

    /*****Use the digest******************************************************/

    fclose( file );

    return 0;



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See Also    SL_RIPEMD128_FinalHex, SL_RIPEMD128_Update, SL_RIPEMD128_UpdateStr, SL_RIPEMD128_Init



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