QuickHash Library API


void SL_HASHCALL SL_SHA512_Update( void* pContext, const void* pSrc, unsigned int nSrcLength );



    [in/out] Pointer to the context.


    [in] Pointer to the continuous memory block with which to update the context.


    [in] Length in bytes of the memory block.


Updates the context pointed by pContext with the memory block pointed by pSrc. Call this function for each continuous memory block of the data for which the message digest is calculated. To retrieve the digest after using SL_SHA512_Update, call SL_SHA512_Final or SL_SHA512_FinalHex.


See the example for SL_SHA512_Final.


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See Also    SL_SHA512_UpdateStr, SL_SHA512_Final, SL_SHA512_FinalHex, SL_SHA512_Init



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