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void ADLER32_FinalHex( [in,out]ADLER32_Context* pContext,[out]ADLER32_HexDigest* pDigest, [ in ]boolean bUpper );



    [in/out] A memory buffer that is used as the context.

     Note. All predefined types are specified in the Predefined Types List.


    [out] A memory buffer that will receive the checksum as an ASCII null-terminated string.

     Note. All predefined types are specified in the Predefined Types List.


    [in] Uppercase flag. If bUpper is False, the received checksum represents a lowercase string, otherwise it represents an uppercase string.


Call this function to retrieve the ADLER32 checksum from the pContext context. The checksum is retrieved as an ASCII null-terminated hexadecimal string in the pDigest memory buffer.

After the ADLER32_FinalHex function  is performed, the context is initialized for new calculations, as it would be called ADLER32_Init again.

Note. Before the first call to ADLER32_Update, ADLER32_UpdateStr, ADLER32_Final or ADLER32_FinalHex functions, the context must be initialized with ADLER32_Init.

VB Example

Private Sub MyButton_Click()   
    Dim Context As ADLER32_Context
    Dim Checksum As ADLER32_HexDigest
    Dim MyStrData As String
    MyStrData = "Hello World!"
    Dim nLen As Long
    nLen = Len(MyStrData)
    'Convert the string to byte array
    Dim MyBinData() As Byte
    ReDim MyBinData(1 To nLen)    
    For i = 1 To nLen
        MyBinData(i) = Asc(Mid(MyStrData, i, 1))
    Next i    
    'Initialize the context
    ADLER32_Init Context
    'Update the context with first part
    Dim nFirstLen As Long
    nFirstLen = nLen / 3
    ADLER32_Update Context, MyBinData(1), nFirstLen
    'Update the context with second part
    ADLER32_Update Context, MyBinData(nFirstLen + 1), nLen - nFirstLen
    'Get the checksum
    ADLER32_FinalHex Context, Checksum, True
    'Show the hexadecimal representation of the checksum
    MsgBox QHASH_ASCIItoBSTR(Checksum.Value(0))
End Sub


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See Also    ADLER32_Final, ADLER32_Update, ADLER32_UpdateStr, ADLER32_Init, QHASH_ASCIItoBSTR



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