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void PANAMA_Final( [in, out]PANAMA_Context* pContext, [out]PANAMA_Digest* pDigest );



    [in/out] A memory buffer that is used as the context.

     Note. All predefined types are specified in the Predefined Types List.


    [out] A memory buffer that will receive the message digest.

     Note. All predefined types are specified in the Predefined Types List.


Call this function to retrieve the PANAMA message digest from the pContext context. The digest is retrieved in the pDigest memory buffer.

After the PANAMA_Final function is performed, the context is initialized for new calculations, as it would be called PANAMA_Init again.

Note. Before the first call to PANAMA_Update, PANAMA_UpdateStr, PANAMA_Final or PANAMA_FinalHex functions, the context must be initialized with PANAMA_Init.

VB Example

Private Sub MyButton_Click()   
    Dim Context As PANAMA_Context
    Dim Digest As PANAMA_Digest
    Dim MyStrData As String
    MyStrData = "Hello World!"
    Dim nLen As Long
    nLen = Len(MyStrData)
    'Convert the string to byte array
    Dim MyBinData() As Byte
    ReDim MyBinData(1 To nLen)    
    For i = 1 To nLen
        MyBinData(i) = Asc(Mid(MyStrData, i, 1))
    Next i    
    'Initialize the context
    PANAMA_Init Context
    'Update the context with first part
    Dim nFirstLen As Long
    nFirstLen = nLen / 3
    PANAMA_Update Context, MyBinData(1), nFirstLen
    'Update the context with second part
    PANAMA_Update Context, MyBinData(nFirstLen + 1), nLen - nFirstLen
    'Get the digest
    PANAMA_Final Context, Digest
    'Show the hexadecimal representation of the digest
    MsgBox QHASH_ConvertToHex(Digest.Value(0), PANAMA_DIGESTSIZE, True)
End Sub


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See Also    PANAMA_FinalHex, PANAMA_Update, PANAMA_UpdateStr, PANAMA_Init, QHASH_ConvertToHex



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