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void SHA1_UpdateStr( [ in,out ]SHA1_Context* pContext, [ in , string ] unsigned char* pSrc );



    [in/out] A memory buffer that is used as the context.

     Note. All predefined types are specified in the Predefined Types List.


    [in] A null-terminated string with which to update the context.


Updates (based on SHA-1 hash algorithm) the pContext context with the null-terminated string specified by pSrc. Call this function for each null-terminated string for which the message digest is calculated. To retrieve the digest after using SHA1_UpdateStr, call SHA1_Final or SHA1_FinalHex.

Note. Before the first call to SHA1_Update, SHA1_UpdateStr, SHA1_Final or SHA1_FinalHex functions, the context must be initialized with SHA1_Init.

VB Example

Private Sub MyButton_Click()   
    Dim Context As SHA1_Context
    Dim Digest As SHA1_Digest
    Dim MyStrData As String
    MyStrData = "Hello World!"
    'Initialize the context
    SHA1_Init Context
    'Update the context
    SHA1_UpdateStr Context, MyStrData
    'Get the digest
    SHA1_Final Context, Digest
    'Show the hexadecimal representation of the digest
    MsgBox QHASH_ConvertToHex(Digest.Value(0), SHA1_DIGESTSIZE, True)
End Sub

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See Also    SHA1_Update, SHA1_Final, SHA1_FinalHex, SHA1_Init, QHASH_ConvertToHex



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