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QuickHash Library C++ Interface


void Init( const unsigned char* pKey, unsigned int nKeyLength = DEFAULTKEYLEN );

void Init( const char* pKey );




    In the first case - pointer to the continuous memory block used as the key.

    In the second case - pointer to the null-terminated string used as the key.


    [in] Length in bytes of the key.  


Initializes the CHMAC object with the key pointed by pKey.



#include <string.h>
#include <QuickHash.h>
using namespace QuickHash;

int main()
    char string[] = "Test String";
    char key[] = "Password";
    char newkey[] = "New Password";

    char hmachex[ CHMAC<CRIPEMD160>::HEXDIGESTSIZE ]; //0 terminated

    //Instantiate a CHMAC object that uses RIPEMD160 hash algorithm

    CHMAC<CRIPEMD160> hm( (const unsigned char*)key, strlen( key ) );

    //Calculate the HMAC using Update and FinalHex

    hm.Update( (const unsigned char*)string, strlen( string ) );
    hm.FinalHex( hmachex ); //FinalHex reinitializes the hm object for the next use 

    //Use the HMAC

    //Initialize the hm object with the new key

    hm.Init( (const unsigned char*)newkey, strlen( newkey ) );

    //Calculate the HMAC using Update and FinalHex

    hm.Update( (const unsigned char*)string, strlen( string ) );
    hm.FinalHex( hmachex ); //FinalHex reinitializes the hm object for the next use 

    //Use the HMAC

    return 0;




In the above example newkey is a null-terminated string. Therefore, the call

    hm.Init( (const unsigned char*)newkey, strlen( newkey ) );

can be replaced by

    hm.Init( newkey );


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See Also    CHMAC::Update, CHMAC::Final, CHMAC::FinalHex



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