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CRIPEMD256 ( C++ Interface )
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CRIPEMD320 ( C++ Interface )
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SlavaSoft QuickHash Library Online Help

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QuickHash Library  

QuickHash Library Installation


The file you have downloaded, contains the following files:

QuickHash.h - include file
QuickHashS.lib - LIB file for static linking to QuickHash Library
QuickHash.lib - LIB file for dynamic linking to QuickHash Library
QuickHash.dll - DLL file
QuickHash.tlb - Type Library for QuickHash.dll
QuickHash.chm - HTML help file for QuickHash Library
ReadMe.txt - brief QuickHash Library description
Register.exe - registration program for SlavaSoft products



To install QuickHash Library, perform the following:


  • If you want to work with QuickHash Library through its Type Library, follow these steps:

  1. Copy QuickHash.dll in one of the  executable paths for your operating system, or for your application.

  2. Copy QuickHash.tlb to any directory and add a reference to the QuickHash.tlb in your project(s).


  • If you want to work with QuickHash Library in C/C++, follow these steps:

  1. Copy QuickHash.dll in one of the  executable paths for your operating system, or for your application.

  2. Copy QuickHash.h in the include path for your project(s), or in the include path specified in your compiler settings.

  3. Copy QuickHash.lib and QuickHashS.lib in the library path for your project(s), or in the library path specified in your compiler settings.

  4. Specify predefined symbols for your project:

    • Define _SL_STATIC if you want to link to QuickHashS.lib (for static linking to QuickHash Library).

    • Define _SL_NOFORCE_LIBS if you want to manually specify the necessary library for your project.


    • Do not define any predefined symbols mentioned above if you want to link to QuickHash.lib (for dynamic linking to QuickHash Library).

    • Do define _SL_NOFORCE_LIBS if you use a compiler other than Microsoft Visual C++ (2.0 or later).


In addition to the previous steps, perform the following:

  1. Copy the help files QuickHash.chm and ReadMe.txt in any directory where it will be easy for you to access them when QuickHash Library help will be needed.

  2. Copy the registration program Register.exe in any directory where it will be easy for you to access it when you will need to register QuickHash Library.

Note. The trial version of QuickHash Library will cause a 10 seconds delay when running any application that uses it. To remove this delay you have to register the QuickHash Library.



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